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von Norbert Dittmar

Dudenlegitimiertes vs. ethnolektales Deutsch

Realität vs. mediale Inszenierungen

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Applied to language, the topological terms ‹center› vs. ‹periphery› have to be transformed into metaphorical qualities of ‹locality› because there is no ‹center› in the Saussurian notion of language as a ‹système où tout se tient›. A social definition of ‹center› and ‹periphery› in terms of legitimate norms vs. stigmatized use can be based on speakers’ attitudes towards the variety space of a given language – in our case German. Emerging ethnolects in big German cities are perceived by regional and national media and dominant bourgeois middle class as a kind ‹deficit› bad German which is more a slang than a regular German variety. A closer sociolinguistic look at this ethnic style reveals that there are only a few variable features of this emerging variety which are perceived in a stereotyped way as ‹bad German›: in particular phonetic and prosodic variants, the omission of articles and local prepositions and some syntactic simplifications. There is no homogenous, but a very heterogeneous variety space according to social group membership. It will be shown and illustrated by examples of an oral corpus that the stereotyped ‹bad› connotations associated with these styles are an invention of the media and have to be corrected by sociolinguists. This article will contribute to a better sociolinguistic understanding of an ethnolectal variation in German cities.

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Dittmar, Norbert: Dudenlegitimiertes vs. ethnolektales Deutsch. Realität vs. mediale Inszenierungen. <http://germanistik.ch/publikation.php? id=Dudenlegitimiertes_vs_ethnolektales_Deutsc
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Dittmar, Norbert: Dudenlegitimiertes vs. ethnolektales Deutsch. Realität vs. mediale Inszenierungen. In: Michael Stolz, Laurent Cassagnau, Daniel Meyer und Nathalie Schnitzer (Hg.): Germanistik in der Schweiz (GiS) Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Akademischen Gesellschaft für Germanistik. Heft 10/2013. Bern: germanistik.ch 2013, S.169-178

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