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von Manuel Bamert

Homo Stiller

Männliche Identitäten und Sexualitäten in Max Frischs ‹Stiller›

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Max Frisch’s novel ‹Stiller› essentially revolves around issues in identity construction. Taking a new approach, this study is able to point out the particular importance of male sexualities for an understanding of this topic. It can be shown that White, the alternative identity of the protagonist, Stiller, with his heterosexualized self-portrayal covers moments of homosexual desire. Also fitting into this picture is the recently published discovery of the homosexual historical models of the characters in Frisch’s novel. The depiction of male sexualities in ‹Stiller› is more complex than that finding suggests, however. Although analyses of hitherto neglected text passages do in fact lead to a homosexual character, the sexuality of the protagonist, Stiller, is devised as a poetological blank space. In his sexual indeterminacy, the main character is meant to portray a piece of human experience. Dealing with male sexualities thus proves to be a central aspect of the identity-critical goals of ‹Stiller›.

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Bamert, Manuel: Homo Stiller. Männliche Identitäten und Sexualitäten in Max Frischs ‹Stiller›. <http://germanistik.ch/publikation.php? id=Homo_Stiller> (Publiziert November 2016)
Bamert, Manuel: Homo Stiller. Männliche Identitäten und Sexualitäten in Max Frischs ‹Stiller›. In: Michael Stolz und Robert Schöller (Hg.): Germanistik in der Schweiz (GiS) Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Akademischen Gesellschaft für Germanistik. Heft 13/2016. Bern: germanistik.ch 2016, S.93-117

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