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von Elvira Glaser

Von Dialektologie und Sprachgeschichte

Ein Programm

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Dialectology and language history have been considered as supplementary sub-fields of linguistics since earlier times. My paper demonstrates, first of all, their close correlation by one of the latest research topics from the field of syntax. Empirically oriented and methodologically related to variational linguistics, dialectology blends excellently into current linguistic research paradigms. The dialectological research in Switzerland, while benefiting from the excellent local resources, provides also opportunities for dialogues with interested public. Whereas the regional linguistic-historical sources have been used extensively for research into the origins of German writing in recent years, the exploration of the linguistic development during the early modern period still appears to be a desideratum.

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Glaser, Elvira: Von Dialektologie und Sprachgeschichte. Ein Programm. <http://germanistik.ch/publikation.php? id=Von_Dialektologie_und_Sprachgeschichte> (Publiziert Dezember 2011)
Glaser, Elvira: Von Dialektologie und Sprachgeschichte. Ein Programm. In: Michael Stolz und Robert Schöller (Hg.): Germanistik in der Schweiz (GiS) Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Akademischen Gesellschaft für Germanistik. Heft 8/2011. Bern: germanistik.ch 2011, S.15-28

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