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von Ernest W. B. Hess-Lüttich

Netzliteratur - ein neues Genre?

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Discourse studies have recently turned their attention to changes in language use caused by changes in the media environment. They analyse, for instance, the impact of technical innovation on the resources of daily information, the new design of poly-coded texts and their functions in science and education, the development of traditional media such as press or television from the age of industry to that of digital information, the visualisation of linguistic content in other codes, the transfer of knowledge and production of meaning with modern machines of communication. But among their manifold interests is also the aesthetic dimension of semiotic change influenced by the typological expansion and technological innovation of the media system as a whole. The role of the author is put into question, when looking at new forms of literary production on computer screens. The automat defines the textual structure of their works, which they create jointly in the net. Routines of perception will change audio-visual structures of literature competing with film, television, video, hypertext. The project of media aesthetics will be complemented by a yet to be drafted tele-semiotics of audio-visual media and digital art. This paper aims to take a closer look at new genres of aesthetics: net literature, hyperfiction, computer animation in film, interface design of video games, electronic novel, etc. They ask for new models of reading, which are to be designed and investigated with new methods of textual analysis and comparative tools across all the media of aesthetic expression and across all cultures of verbal art.

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Hess-Lüttich, Ernest W. B.: Netzliteratur - ein neues Genre? < id=Netzliteratur_ein_neues_Genre> (Publiziert Oktober 2005)
Hess-Lüttich, Ernest W. B.: Netzliteratur - ein neues Genre? In: Michael Stolz, Lucas Marco Gisi u. Jan Loop (Hg.): Literatur und Literaturwissenschaft auf dem Weg zu den neuen Medien. Bern: 2005 (Literaturwissenschaft und neue Medien)

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