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von Simone Eberhart

Textdesign und Textwirkung

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Multimodality is fashionable – pictures, colours, typefaces and the collocation of text blocks have become a matter of course. A text is no more merely written, but designed. The design is compelled by the desire for a certain effect, which, however, depends on more factors than merely the intention of the typographer. On the basis of the action-theoretical concept of ‹Typographic Knowledge ›, three important functions of text design (connotative, epistemic, and expressive) shall be elucidated both theoretically and with examples.

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Eberhart, Simone: Textdesign und Textwirkung. <http://germanistik.ch/publikation.php? id=Textdesign_und_Textwirkung> (Publiziert Dezember 2011)
Eberhart, Simone: Textdesign und Textwirkung. In: Michael Stolz und Robert Schöller (Hg.): Germanistik in der Schweiz (GiS) Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Akademischen Gesellschaft für Germanistik. Heft 8/2011. Bern: germanistik.ch 2011, S.138-162

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