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von Regula Schmidlin

Die Plurizentrik des Deutschen

Ein linguistisch-lexikographisches Konstrukt?

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The term ‹pluricentric› describes standard languages with several national and regional varieties, each with their own variants, predominantly lexical and phonological ones. The German standard varieties in Austria, Germany and Switzerland have been well researched to date – cf. the ‹Variantenwörterbuch des Deutschen› (= Dictionary of German variants) published in 2004. Empirical research has shown that variants are frequently used in written language – even in high-quality publications. Thus, as far as language use is concerned, the pluricentricity of German is not a linguistic-lexicographical construct. But what are the speakers’ attitudes towards the variants? This paper focuses on speakers’ attitudes towards variants of standard German on the affective, cognitive and conative level. To what degree do they consider variants to be dialectal or standard? Are they ready to use their own variants to complete sentences, i.e. are they loyal in respect to their own variety? How well do they know variants outside their own language region?

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Schmidlin, Regula: Die Plurizentrik des Deutschen. Ein linguistisch-lexikographisches Konstrukt? . <http://germanistik.ch/publikation.php? id=Die_Plurizentrik_des_Deutschen> (Publiziert März 2013)
Schmidlin, Regula: Die Plurizentrik des Deutschen. Ein linguistisch-lexikographisches Konstrukt? . In: Michael Stolz, Laurent Cassagnau, Daniel Meyer und Nathalie Schnitzer (Hg.): Germanistik in der Schweiz (GiS) Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Akademischen Gesellschaft für Germanistik. Heft 10/2013. Bern: germanistik.ch 2013, S.141-146

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